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Fiberglass shingles offer a variety of colors including “cool roof” colors to provide a deep rich variations to calm cool colors. Warranties for most designer shingles on residential homes are “ lifetime” limited warranties. We would gladly provide samples of various shingles to assist you in making a choice that both meets your desire color scheme but also your budget.



Tile roofs

Tile roofs offer multiple looks from smooth slate, shake texture and mission style colors and configurations. Tile roofs due to their design depend on the “underlayment” as the final protection from water intrusion. Existing tiles can be re-used by removing them and installing them after the underlayment is replaced this is called a “Tile Re-Set”. Or you can discard what is existing and choose new colors and configurations. Regardless of the choice of tile we recommend underlayment that can last the expected life of the roof. We can provide multiple alternatives depending on your budget and long-term goals.


Metal roofs

Metal roofing system offer long life and distinctive appearance. Over time lightweight panels offer durability and maintenance free for the structures that house them. Their colors are engineered to last for up to 50 years, it can possibly be last roof you install.


Roof Coating

The application of multiple layers of a variety of coating systems can add significantly to the useful life of aging flat roof system, offering high reflectivity and flexibility. Bringing older roofs up to the energy-saving requirements of California Department of Energy “Title 24”’ Coating Systems can be an economical solution for your aging flat roofs.


Roof Maintenance

The roof is a structure’s first line of defense to protect it from elements that contribute to its decay and deterioration such as rain, hail, ice, snow, extreme heat, roof traffic by others, etc. It is also the most vulnerable part of a structure. Every day, these elements increase the risk of damage to the roof itself and the contents below it.


Having a roof that protects the structure includes a program of inspection, maintenance and repair, which prolongs the useful life of the roof and makes sure the roof is doing its job in protecting the structure from damage.


Our priority is to identify any issues, as even the smallest leak can be a sign of big trouble. It is important to address any problems, as they will worsen over time.


WE fabricate your gutter to length using our seamless gutter machine. We install gutter with field miters to create the least possible seam to make it truly seamless.


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