Metal Roofing in Ventura County

Metal roofing is one of the major services that Roque’s Roofing offers to homeowners, developers, businesses, architects, and general contractors. Our state-of-the-art sheet metal facility gives us a competitive edge and flexibility to deliver faster. Through our certified technicians, right tools, and quality products we offer guaranteed satisfaction. We also offer bespoke metal roofing service to fit your specific project. Metal roofing is rapidly becoming the domestic roof of choice but you need to select the right metal roof system ideal for your home. This service will give your house curb appeal plus a roof that highlights your personal style. This is a good investment to offer your family the best protection. In addition, you can select a olor and style in aluminum or steel.

Why Use a Metal Roofing Contractor?

Metal roofs have good longevity and durability. Unlike, asphalt roofing made of oil-saturated paper or fiberglass that begins to deteriorate once installed due to sun’s UV rays, or normal weather, a metal roof does not decompose. A metal roof withstands all weather conditions and keeps its good appearance.

There is a wide range of metal roofing designs, patterns and styles. Across, Oxnard, CA, there are several different neighborhood penchants of roofing varieties, depending on the architectural style and climate of your neighborhood. Despite the style or climate, you can still find a metal roofing design or style to match. The variety of metal roof styles, designs and patterns makes sure you find something to match your exterior color.

Metal roofs are ideal for both the home and the environment. The recycled material of the steel in metal roofs is about 56% from manufacturing to installation to re-use- far greater than asphalt. Metal roofs are manufactured from 95%-recycled materials and have minimal carbon footprint. Moreover, due to their lightweight, metal roofing can be done over your existing roof, without damaging or tearing what is already there. Metal roofs are good insulators keeping your house comfortable despite the outside weather, thus can lower your heating and air conditioning bills.

Metal roofs offer long-term value to one of your most important asset- your house. Initially, metal roofs cost more compared to asphalt roof and some other roofing systems. However, some premium roof systems may initially look good, but breakdown within a short period, while your metal roof is still standing protecting your home. Therefore, you will be able to save in roof maintenance expenses as well save time and reduce worry.

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