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Roque’s Roofing has the technology, experience and expertise needed to restore the dependability of your old roof by applying a fully resistant, adhered, seamless and 100% water-proof fluid covering. We can coat build-up, metal, single-ply, modified bitumen plus other roofs with a range of fluid coatings such as asphalt, acrylic, silicone, elastomeric, urethane and polyurethane. Our experienced teams precisely choose the material that adequately satisfies the client’s requirement and works with the current roofing. Our team also adequately prepares every roof surface according to the procedures specific to the client’s original roofing material.

Moreover, our coatings are greatly reflective (60-90%) to decrease summer heat increase as well as low-odor, low-VOC, acid-rain resistant and more. Moreover, the coatings contract and expand with the roof and building. Roof coatings have different properties such that they can minimize building worries as well as reduce the damage on your HVAC system, all while providing the reliability you require for a roofing system.

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We offer this service to different types of building roofs including homes, warehouses, airports, apartment buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, public buildings and much more.

The roof types coated include aluminum, metal, build-up roofs, monolithic, modified bitumen, single-ply roofs, TPO membrane, EPDM rubber and others. Some of roof coating types include silicone, elastomeric, asphalt, acrylic, polyurethane foams, water-proof films and much more.

We carry out pre-coating processes including caulking, repairs, power washing, contamination removal, seams waterproofed, fasteners replaced/retightened, dirt and rust removal and much more.

Why Coat Your Roof?

Roof coating is an economic way to renovate aging roofs, while reducing the environmental impact of roofs. When roof coatings are properly applied, designed and maintained by experts they prolong your current roofing asset.

Increased roof life is one of the benefits of roof coating. Our technicians repair, coat, as well as restore old roofs to a better condition. They can also restore leaking roofs in case the amount of wet insulation is moderately low, plus can recognize, eliminate and patch the worn-out areas before coating. Reflective coatings reduce the impact of UV and heat that ages roof membranes by dropping rooftop temperatures.

Another benefit of roof coatings is reduced construction debris. According to recent estimates, roofing projects produce 40% of construction waste into the landfills. However, applying roof coating at the right time improves the roof’s life cycle and can delay expensive replacement needs and prevent the requirement of tear off as well as the waste of old roofing membrane and insulation.

Roof coating enhances reduced energy use. In most cases, the emissive and reflective properties of most coatings lead to reduced roof temperatures, as well as energy use needs during daytime hours, dropping the stress on your HVAC system. In addition, in office settings roof coatings augment employee comfort by reducing temperatures in spaces with no air conditioning.

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